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Classroom Resources

School Programs

We offer customized programs using real world experiences to enhance student learning. Our programs are specifically adapted to accomplish Indiana Academic Standards appropriate per grade level. The following links will help you choose, register, or evaluate our programs.

Pricing for School Programs: $5.00 per student


Teacher Guides

Teacher Guides are supplements to Wesselman Nature Society programs. The Guides are provided so that teachers may easily and effectively prepare their students for their program and continue their student’s learning after it. Each Teacher Guide contains detailed information about the content of each WNS program, including program objectives, IAS Standards addressed, and an agenda of activities. They also contain suggestions for complementary activities that can be used in the classroom before and/or after the program, and recommendations of other ready resources that either teachers or students can use.

A basic Teacher Guide has been created for each of our grade-specific programs. 

Have you seen our Program Guide?

WNS Program Guide (printable pdf)
The WNS Program Guide
makes it easy for you to plan
a fun and educational outing.

Whether you are a teacher looking for a great learning experience for your students while meeting the required Indiana Academic Standards,
or a group leader searching
for an age-appropriate
outdoor program, WNS has
many options for you to
choose from. We can even customize a program for you!


If you have trouble opening the PDF, please install Adobe Reader X at



Student Survey

We request that you ask your students a survey question both before and after the program. Please keep a tally of the number of correct and total answers, as we will ask for this data on a program evaluation form after your program. We will use these results to evaluate the effectiveness of our program, and report to our program grantors and supporters.

Download (from the list below) the survey that corresponds with the program that you have registered for.

Extension Lesson Plans

Extension lesson plans complement Wesselman Nature Society programs and can be used in the classroom anytime. They are particularly useful before and/or after a WNS program to enhance the learning experience. All of these plans were developed by pre-service teachers at USI under the guidance of USI Education Faculty.  Not all programs have finished extension lesson plans at this time, but more are on their way. The goal is to continually add lesson plans as they are developed by pre-service or in-service teachers.

Who's For Dinner
Where the Wild Things Are
Wet & Wild
Treemendous Trees
It's A Bug's Life (Supplement 1 & 2)
Fur, Feathers, & Scales

Traveling Nature Trunks

These themed, environmental resource kits can be borrowed for use in the classroom to enhance any curriculum. Cost for a two week rental is $15; a $50 refundable deposit is also required.

Trunk materials and activities can be used to satisfy Indiana Academic Standards. Each Trunk is designed to encompass multiple age levels, so activities can be picked to fit the needs of individual students. They also make great pre- or post- studies for field trips taken at any of the WNS properties.

A typical Trunk might include: field guides, informational books, storybooks, posters, videos, specimens, models, puppets, craft ideas, nets, magnifying glasses, bug boxes, teacher’s resource guides, reproducible worksheets, lesson plans, picture files, puzzles, games, coloring pages and MORE…

Download an informational Traveling Nature Trunk brochure: PDF (Download)

To reserve one of the following Traveling Nature Trunks for your classroom please refer to the Traveling Nature Trunks flyer, then call (812) 479-0771, ext. 103
Choose from the following Nature Trunks:

All About Birds
Eggs & Nests
Butterflies and Moths
Geology Rocks!
Nature Detectives
Raptors Rule!
Arachnids and their Kin
Water Quality


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