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Howell Wetlands is a 35-acre urban wetland showcasing a diversity of wetland habitats including a marsh, a cypress slough, an oxbow channel, as well as Green tree frog at Howell Wetlandsthe surrounding prairie and bottomland hardwood forest. This assortment of wetland environments provides habitat for beaver, waterfowl and the rare green tree frog, among many others.

Over two miles of hiking trails lead visitors on trails that extend over the marsh and cypress slough, through the wildflower and grassland prairie, over the oxbow lake, and through the bottomland hardwood forest. A Conservation Station is located at the main parking lot from the Tekoppel entrance and provides a large, sheltered outdoor classroom area and restrooms (for program/event use only). The most significant natural feature of Howell Wetlands is the oxbow lake. This is a remnant of an old channel through which the Ohio River once flowed, regularly spilling floodwaters over its banks and into the surrounding land.

DragonflyDespite its location in the middle of a city, and only a few minutes from downtown Evansville, Howell Wetlands provides an assortment of ideal wetland habitats for a rich diversity of wildlife. On a visit there you may get a chance to see some of the most common inhabitants, such as beaver, rare green tree frogs, red eared sliders, black rat snakes, great blue herons, waterfowl, songbirds, and dozens of other flora and fauna associated with this unique ecosystem. This wetland is also important to the local community and ecosystem because it stores floodwaters, slows and filters pollutants and sediment from stormwater runoff, and provides a natural park-like setting for recreation and enjoyment.

You can visit and enjoy this unique ecosystem year-round, as it is Viceroycompletely accessible via well-constructed and maintained wooden walkways and bridges. There are many opportunities to explore and learn about wetlands in this wonderful outdoor classroom, either on your own, or in one of the manynaturalist-led educational programs offered there. The Howell Wetland's management and educational programs are an extension of the Wesselman Nature Society.

Water turtles are abundant at Howell WetlandsHowell Wetlands is the largest urban wetlands in Indiana and is owned by the City of Evansville and managed by the Wesselman Nature Society. This area was official designated as a wetland in 1997 by the City of Evansville. Since that time there has been continous restoration and management by the Wesselman Nature Society and its partnering agencies. The goal is to conserve this unique ecosystem, and make it appealing to the community as a place to go for education and enjoyment.

In the spring of 2009, Wesselman Nature Society completed the first phase construction of a new Conservation Station in order to expand the educational opportunities at the wetlands. This project begins as a basic structure providing a large outdoor classroom sheltered from the elements, restrooms, and storage for educational and property maintenance supplies. The Conservation Station also serves as a model for sustainable construction practices. Currently, the facility features permeable sidewalk, energy efficient lighting and water supply, and recycled plastic railings (from a local source). Future plans for this facility include the potential addition of wind power, installation of rain barrels, placement of a rain garden, and more.

Howell Wetlands is open for self guided tours sunup to sunset seven days a week. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Admission to Howell Wetlands is free, except on days when we are conducting special events. Please refer to the calendar page regarding dates for these special events and other programs.

Click on the image above for a Howell Wetlands trail map.

Click here for a driving directions map.

Howell Wetlands is located

at 1400 S. Tekoppel on the

west side of Evansville, IN.

From westbound on SR66/

SR62/Lloyd Expressway take

the Tekoppel exit off the Lloyd Expressway. Head south on Tekoppel for approximately

2 miles. Before you come to

Broadway Ave. the Wetlands

sign is on your left. Turn left

into Howell Wetlands.

From eastbound on SR62/Lloyd Expressway, take the Barker exit. Head South on Barker to Broadway Ave. Turn right on Broadway then Right on Tekoppel. Drive approximately

100 feet and turn right into

Howell Wetlands.

Handicap and regular parking

is available in lots adjacent to

the trails and amphitheater.


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Howell Wetlands is a very unique eco-system that is protected by law. There are about 35 acres to explore with well maintained trails and boardwalks that visitors must stay on. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment we ask that all visitors adhere to the following rules:

Foot traffic only.
No bicycles or mechanized vehicles are allowed. Jogging is also prohibited. These activities disturb hikers and wildlife. Strollers are permitted if kept on the trail.

Stay on designated trails.
Off trail hiking results in significant damage to the plants and animals that live on the forest floor.

Pets are permitted in the Wetlands.
Pets are permitted but must remain on a leash at all times.

No harvesting.
All plants, animals and minerals on this property are protected. Removing, damaging or disturbing any natural resource is prohibited by law. Please leave all rocks, feathers, leaves, bones, etc. in place for the enjoyment of future visitors and the continued health of the ecosystem.

Smoking is not permitted.
A fire in this forest would be catastrophic. Please extinguish all items before entering the property.

Feeding wild animals is prohibited.
Please enjoy the animals from a safe distance. Feeding animals human food is detrimental to the health of those animals.

Do not litter.
Litter lessens the quality of the outdoor experience for everyone, and can be a hazard to wildlife. If you would like to pick up litter along your hike, bring a trash bag along with you.




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